HOT Visits Mexico and Cuba for Community-Bridging Trip

The CEO of Haus of Transcendent (HOT), Jordi Luke, traveled to Cuba and Mexico through a grant from the Atlantic Institute. The grant covers the cost of traveling so that HOT can attend convenings with Atlantic Fellows who are leading equity initiatives in different parts of the world.

Atlantic Fellow convenings create a unique opportunity for HOT to connect and develop partnerships with Transgender leaders in the Global South. To capitalize on this opportunity, we established the HOT Global fund. We have and will continue to provide urgently needed supplies requested by partners in the Global South through these annual convenings.

Our first trip in 2023 was to Cuba. HOT partnered with Cuban Transgender leaders to organize a meet up at a tattoo parlor in La Havana, Cuba. Through this partnership we distributed 300 pounds of donations collected by HOT in collaboration with Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity. Donations included toiletries, OTC medication, makeup, condoms, lube, and other basic needs that are currently unavailable in Cuba. The meet up was attended by 50 Transgender Cubans who shared it had been three years since they organized a Trans meet up.

Trans meet up in Cuba sponsored by HOT

In Mexico, HOT partnered with OaxaTrans to organize a community event for immigrants traveling through Oaxaca. HOT and OaxaTrans purchased food, drinks, piñatas, and candy for immigrant families and children in need. OaxaTrans shared that these events have helped them connect with LGBTQI+ immigrants who are escaping violence from their family and/or community.

OaxaTrans Decolonization event for immigrants sponsored by HOT

HOT witnessed this firsthand. During this event, Jordi met several Queer immigrants, including one from Venezuela who was escaping homophobic violence. We learned that he had been robbed of his money and passport while crossing the board. He even shared the many instances of death and violence that he encountered during his journey. An angel supporter donated towards HOT Global so that we could buy him a bus ticket to Mexico City and help him access an LGBQI+ shelter in Mexico City. HOT still remains in contact with this Queer immigrant.

OaxaTrans and Haus of Transcendent have many goals in common: educating the public and connecting Transgender people to resources. This partnership between HOT and OaxaTrans will help us achieve our shared goals. We believe that collaboration will help us maximize our voice and impact, and I am looking forward to developing programs that reduce the harm experienced by Transgender people, especially immigrants and Indigenous people who are served by OaxaTrans.


Aref Azrael- Oaxatrans.

OaxaTrans is launching a community radio station to address knowledge gaps on gender identity, immigrant and Indigenous rights, and sustainability. HOT donated radio equipment and two laptops, requested by OaxaTrans, to help them launch a radio station. HOT is excited to support this important project because Mexico has seen a recent wave of violence against Transgender people. OaxaTrans has significant experience tackling stigma and misinformation by educating the community on a wide range of issues that harm Transgender folks .  

Radio equipment for OaxaTrans donated by HOT

HOT is also partnering with Transgender leaders in Mexico City. We provided refurbished laptops and organized a meet up with food and drinks in collaboration with Nayla Tonalli Mondragon Urrutia, an Indigenous tattoo artist from Mexico City who performed La Danza de la Chichicullota at the Atlantic Institute convening. Vermelha Noir from Rupaul’s Drag Race Mexico help us connect with local leaders so that we could organize a safe, impactful, and positive event.

“HOT supports LGBTQI+ leaders in the Global South thru mutual aid. It’s a beautiful partnership since the USA has resources we need in Mexico.”


Vermelha Noir, Rupaul’s Drag Race Mexico*
Vermelha Noir
Vermelha Noir

You can be a part of mitigating the harm experienced by Transgender people in the Global South by investing in the HOT Global fund. Donations for HOT are tax-exempt since the IRS designated HOT as a 501(c)3 approved organization.