HOT Offers Arabic Translation Service to Improve Language Access

Haus of Transcendent (HOT) is thrilled to announce its new Arabic translation service for leaders who understand the importance of language access. HOT can help organizations expand the footprint of their brand and earn the trust of Arabic-speaking people with limited English proficiency. HOT’s team includes Queer and Transgender staff from the Middle East and North Africa region who understand the nuances of Arabic, including LGBTQI+ terminology.

Access is at the heart of HOT’s mission. Our Arabic translators are experts on LGBTQI+ terminology that is respectful and inclusive, ensuring content is welcoming and affirming. HOT can help translate your organization’s educational materials, website, social media content, and more. Additionally, it’s important to note the limitations of generic translation applications, which often fail to capture the nuances and sensitivities required when addressing minoritized groups. These applications frequently produce translations that can be inaccurate or even offensive, particularly when dealing with identity and culture.

For example, some applications may incorrectly translate from English-to-Arabic the word “LGBTQI+” to “sodomite,” a term that is not only inaccurate but also deeply offensive and stigmatizing. This underscores the need for professional translation services that understand and respect the cultural and linguistic context of the target audience.

“When writing content in Arabic/English or English/Arabic, many words can be lost in translation, leading to confusion and unintentional offensiveness. This can significantly impact the organization’s image with its Arabic audience and affect the accessibility of their programs for Arabic speakers. It is essential that English content be understood by Arabs with limited English proficiency, and vice versa, to ensure the message effectively reaches communities that do not speak English.”

Bashar Ali, Education Director, HOT

By choosing HOT’s Arabic translation services, organizations can ensure that their communications are accurate, respectful, and culturally appropriate. This commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity not only enhances the organization’s reputation but also builds trust within the Arabic-speaking community.

Organizations interested in exploring a partnership with HOT to leverage these specialized translation services can email us at [email protected].







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