SHLF Awards HOT $10,000 to Make Emergency Repairs to HOT Hausing

Cleveland, OhioThe Sandra Hoskins Legacy Foundation (SHLF) has awarded a $10,000 grant to Haus of Transcendent (HOT) for emergency repairs at the HOT Hausing project site. This critical funding will aid in fixing a damaged brick wall, bringing the project a step closer to becoming a reality and providing much-needed affordable hausing for LGBTQI2S+ individuals at risk of homelessness.

HOT Hausing, an initiative under HOT, is still in the development phase, focused on creating secure and supportive living environments for LGBTQI2S+ people in Cleveland. The grant from SHLF is instrumental in addressing immediate structural issues, ensuring the project’s progression towards its opening.

“We are grateful for SHLF’s generosity at such a critical time,” said Jordi Luke, CEO of HOT. “These repairs are essential for the safety and stability of our future residents. This funding moves us closer to making HOT Hausing a reality and fulfilling our mission of providing stable housing solutions for the LGBTQI2S+ community.”

In addition to this grant, SHLF has joined a coalition of businesses and nonprofits in sponsoring the PETICIÓN: Vivienda asequible para personas LGBTQI2S+ en Cleveland This petition advocates for increased funding and policy support to address the housing needs of minoritized communities in Cleveland.

“We are thrilled to partner with HOT to develop programs that respond to the affordable housing crisis in Cleveland,” said Christie Yonkers, Executive Director of SHLF. “Addressing this crisis is particularly important for the transgender community which is both overrepresented in homelessness and especially vulnerable to violence and trafficking.”

Cleveland currently has some Transgender people who are living in tents because they do not feel safe at shelters and rent has become too expensive. The grant and sponsorship represent a collaborative effort to develop programs that will prevent housing instability among LGBTQI2S+ individuals, ensuring they have access to safe, accessible, and affordable hausing.