HOT Receives $20,000 Catalyst Grant from AIDS Funding Collaborative

Logo of the AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC)

Cleveland, OH — The AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC) has awarded a $20,000 Catalyst Grant to Haus of Transcendent (HOT) to enhance healthcare access and combat the HIV crisis in Cleveland. This grant will bolster HOT’s efforts to provide Emergency Help and Education programs focused on addressing the social drivers of HIV.

The grant aims to improve health literacy and access to HIV/ STI screenings and treatment services while providing emergency assistance to LGBTQI2S+ individuals in crisis. HOT’s initiatives will specifically prioritize LGBTQI2S+ groups who often fall through the cracks: transgender individuals; Black, Brown, and Indigenous people; immigrants; and people with disabilities.

"We cannot address health inequities in HIV without addressing the root causes of these disparities. We are grateful for AFC’s support in advancing health equity by tackling low health literacy, transportation barriers, homelessness, and food insecurity through this project."

The AFC, operating under fiscal sponsorship of The Center for Community Solutions, is a public-private partnership comprised of six local funders. Their mission is to strengthen the community’s response to HIV/AIDS by providing coordination, leadership, advocacy, and funding in Cuyahoga County. For nearly 30 years, the AFC has leveraged and invested over $13 million to support HIV/AIDS-related services, capacity building activities and prevention efforts.

"We value community involvement and leadership by those who are most impacted by HIV in our community. This work by the HOT team will help to strengthen the HIV response and increase access to HIV prevention and linkage to care for folks who are often missed by more traditional health services."

HOT and AFC are dedicated to ending HIV stigma and preventing new HIV infections. This partnership will energize HOT’s grassroots efforts to prevent homelessness and support the wellbeing of LGBTQI2S+ people in Cleveland. HOT is grateful for AFC’s generous support, and we look forward to making a positive impact in our community!


Haus of Transcendent (HOT)
se centra en abordar los factores sociales de la salud. Su donación a HOT puede ayudar a transformar vidas brindando apoyo esencial a los adultos LGBTQI2S+ que corren el riesgo de quedarse sin hogar.